Make Sure Companies Pay Their Outstanding Debts

Working with business-to-business collectors in Columbus, OH and surrounding areas

There are many reasons a business may owe yours money. Whether you are dealing with an account that has past-due bills or a loan that went bad, you'll want to work with an experienced collections attorney. Moyer Law Offices LPA can help you as a business-to-business collector to reclaim the finances that are rightfully yours.

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Helping you through this process

Helping you through this process

Your business shouldn't struggle financially because of someone else's financial negligence. A business-to-business collector may be necessary if you're dealing with...

  • Overdue loans
  • Cancelled accounts
  • Breached contracts
  • Fraudulent conveyances

You can depend on our collections attorney to walk you through the entire legal process and answer all of your questions along the way. Make an appointment with us by calling 614-444-2000 now.