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Working Toward Physical, Mental, and Financial Recovery

An accident can turn your entire life upside-down. From the physical struggle of surgeries and therapy to the financial struggle of paying your medical bills, it can be a difficult journey. Moyer Law Offices LPA will work to resolve matters outside of court whenever possible. My personal injury law firm is based in Columbus, Ohio, offering legal services throughout the surrounding area. You'll work directly with me as your personal injury attorney to go over the details of your case and move forward in an effective way. No matter what your problem is, I am here to guide you through the pain and seek your desired outcome. No one should have to suffer an injury alone, and those responsible should be held accountable for their actions.

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When Should You Contact an Attorney?

Working with a personal injury law firm can help you pursue financial compensation effectively. You should reach out to me if you were injured by a...

  • Drunk or reckless driver

  • Defective product

  • Dog or any other animal

I also work with families who want to seek justice after a wrongful death or traumatic brain injury. When suffering a personal injury, not only can you be physically harmed, but can also be affected by the stress and grief of something this catastrophic. With me on your side, you will receive trustworthy advocacy, who is always at your side.

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You do not have to go through this alone. Get in touch with me today to start building your case and seek the compensation that you deserve. I am located in Columbus, Ohio, but also serve the areas of Franklin County, Delaware County, Lincoln Township, and Fairfield County, Ohio.