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Took Care of All the Hassles

There are many attorneys out there to pick from and I'm really glad that I picked Steve. A no-nonsense approach to my case after getting the insurance game run around, Steve took care of all the hassles and allowed me to concentrate on getting better in a very timely matter. It's great to have someone like Steve in your corner.

- Matt L. - San Francisco, CA

Compassionate and Empathetic

We highly recommend Steve Moyer for your personal injury lawsuit. Not only does he have the most legal experience, he is compassionate and empathetic. Two huge qualities that are devoid in our legal system today. Steve is prompt and professional. He outperformed our expectations.

- Roy H. - Columbus, OH

Very Thorough

I was attacked by a dog and Mr. Moyer was recommended by another lawyer who did not do personal injury. He made a house visit and was very honest about the process and told me what to expect. He's very thorough and He answers phone call, emails and texts extremely quickly. He walked me through every part of the process. I highly recommend him.

- Tara H. - Gahanna, Columbus, OH

Very Professional

Steve has been my lawyer for 26 years, he's always very professional and to the point. We will always be connected, we were at court on one of my young & dumb cases and watched the planes hit the twin towers on 9/11 2001. I consider Steve part of my Family

- D.W.